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Million To One

Gary Barlow

I know it's life
When you can't seem to catch someone's eye
I'm sure I'll get it right
Giving it time in the hope she'll be mine
Maybe there's already love by her side
Maybe she longs for one night

It's a million to one she will want me
It's a chance of invitation or a simple goodbye
It's a million to one she will love me for the rest of her life

I caught a glance
That was the first time
Will it be the last?
I have not much yet
Let it all out or saying our fast
Maybe she'll smile or maybe she'll laugh
Maybe this dream is all that I have

Sweeter the feeling
The higer the hope
Nothing can help me
Where will I begin
When will I realise, will I realise

And I feel inside
Won't you help me girl
Won't you help me girl, say say it's myd ay
It's my night baby, it's a million to one
Don't say goodbye

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