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Election Year


i'm not waiting around anymore.
I've got to get out and get things done.
i'm not going to school anymore because i'm smart enough
i'm in need of a change of pace.
I hate this place. I hate my neighbors.
I can't wait until i'm miles away wondering where I am
going to sleep.
Its an election year.
Can you feel the changes coming? Its an election year
but who's voting? i'm not afraid of you going away.
I seem to think that we met just in time.
Don't regret the plans you've made because
I won't forget you. Just remember the things I said
and what it meant to be so summer and when you're days
away, take the time to look down at your feet.
You can watch me fall asleep while you pack your life
in cardboard boxes.
Ill keep your letters in my pocket.
I'll keep your picture in my wallet

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