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Yellow cars, passing through my eyes
Green shoes, walking on a dark road
My dirty wings are opened,
But I cannot fly...I cannot fly

The stars are looking for something
The moon is shining for someone
The doors is opened to me
I think I'll get in

Multicolored images on an ice cream
Reminds me of those places,
That I've never been
My cleaned mind is opened
But I cannot fly...I cannot fly


There is a place where the happiness,
Makes me sing like a bird
Wet dreams begin behind of that wall,
At the end of the road
Solutions are screams at night,
In a silent room
I've found myself beside your body.
What a wonderful day!!!

...makes me sing like a bird...
...at the end of the road...
...in a silent room...
...what a beautiful day!!!

By Thaty!

Compositor: Fábio & Fred

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