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A New Hope


Another dream comes true again
Life can never be the same
You won’t play those same old games
Where our lives burnt like a flame

Another dream cam still bring
A new way where we’ll find respect
A place where no one can hurt us
Life will be more than it

I hear a lot of people
Always saying the same things
Our life will never change
Our future will be enslaved

So I’ll make a question
I know you can tell it now
How can I trust in these people
They don’t care if they fall down

The midnight return brings us a new hope to find the way
Don’t be afraid of the darkness, keep on following the lights
Open your eyes and look at the new world that we can make
Believe in yourself, don’t let your dream go away
Another dream
May tall us all the time
May give us answers
May give us all we have to find
Don’t ever mind
You have the way to find the clue
First go away
Don’t be afraid, believe in you.

By Thata =]

Compositor: Fábio

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