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Wake Up the World


We are alive and free from the dark!
We are free and here we will rise!
Freedom's calling all our minds!

Time has come to raise up the light!
In unity, the spirit inside!
The universe is shining so bright!

I will enter the realm of the light!
I have found my way to survive!
Through this madness, the only way out!

Here we live in an eternal fight!
Pride and glory, the truth from the mind!
Follow me and you'll find your way out!

Ho ho ho ho!
I've got the dream and freedom will rise!
I've found the truth, the power inside!
The beauty of life will show us the light!
Ho ho ho ho!
The power is calling from all around!
Dreamers arising, here, from the ground!
We wake up the world and wake up the blind!
Ho ho ho ho

Galaxies move on, just hear their call!
And feel the feeling within us all!
Stars are burning, we'll return back home!
The dream of love, it comes from the soul!
Spread the truth, free from their load!
Raise the light and wake up the world!

Somewhere in the universe there is a light called harmony!
The power of truth and unity!
A land where all our dreams of love can live forever!
The eternal glory of the light!
In unity!
As one!

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