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I've searched for a long time
for answers and wisdom all around
I've found and followed the clues inside my mind
I look around me, a strange world, a false reality
I feel a deadly mighty eye that looks at me!

Mankind is going mad! I'm leaving the ground
Alone! Far behind!
I know there's a place, out in the space
Where wisdom shines bright

Out in the sky
Where the dreams learn to fly
There is a true revelation of life
Open the gate
And a million will see!
The universality will shine for you and for me

When all minds of the universe
will see the clues inside their entity
They'll find the means to understand their destiny
Legions of dreamers, full of power, will rise above the air
A million voices will unite everywhere!

And wisdom will guide creation in light
salvation in minds!
And all of the races of all the space will unite
to find the keys
Of all mysteries!

Here, in the soul of men, awaits a universal dream
A revelation for everyone!

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