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One Million Dreams


We're searching for answers, we search for the light
We'll never surrender, we're born in the fight
None shall remember who was good or bad
But we all stand together 'till the end of our time
All we are strangers in a dark evil world
Still searching for answers, for the true mighty words
Dreamers and loners, all those who heard the call
Unite all together! For the light! One for all! Beware! Be strong! We stand as one we fight for light not for gold

I follow the fire from the sky
A never-ending thrill, here in my mind
One million dreams from deep inside
After the rain the sun will shine
After the storm the rainbow will rise
Nothing is lost if you can find
Another dream in your mind

Always remember the fire inside
That will guide you forever if you follow your mind
Look at the future! See all the madness!
To understand this world you must free you heart from the blindness

Wake up! It's time!
Dreamer, dream now!
Spread out your holy light

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