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Dream On


A long time ago in a land full of gold
The sun shone brightly as the stars!
Freedom was the aim to lead every men
In the bright sunny valley of the light!
But the tyrants of the souls, makers from the cold
Creators of disease in us all!
Invaders of the earth! Illusion was their curse!
For all of us the end of paradise!

Will you remember the time, when freedom was our pride
When glory and unity was life!
The spirit was our guide, and all the good and bad was one
No division in our minds!
The union of the souls for the universal call!
The one brough the power from inside!
But this time has gone away!
Now all men stand afraid!
We wait just for better days!

Dream on again!
Salvation and hope will remain!

Illusion will remain until the final end!
Until a new dawn of light will rise my friend!
Until the children of men, united once again
Realize and bring another land!
And the tyrants from the cold, invaders of our souls
Crators of disease in us all
Will be vanish in the air! Salvation everywhere!
The time is near my friend!
Don't despair!

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