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Beyond the Cosmic Winds


Someday we'll fly
Someday we'll return to the sky
Into the glory, the power, the spirit will arise
After the wars, after the madness and the lies
Mankind will return, resurrected by the universal light!
Unity found inside of us all
Like a diamond in the sky
Forever rising!

Riding the cosmic winds of a dream
Higher and higher we fly
Now that it's time
You realize that the key is the love from inside your soul

Beyond the stars
Salvation is calling our minds
The spirit of freedom
Of the universal dream, is alive!
After the wars, after the madness and the lies
Mankind will return
Resurrected by the power from inside!
We travel this world, and the cosmic creation
Just to find all the answers: Why and how!

Ho, ho, ho
Somewhere beyond
Ho, ho, ho
Beyond the clouds

In the stars, echoes of cosmic light are calling for the dream that lives inside our hearts
We are the ones to try! We are the ones to fly across the silver sky, the shining paradise

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