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Strong One Against The Storm


The coldness has blown, Tallis felt the flames
She apart aside leaves to the other side

She beheld a lying warrior
The birds were gathering around
Stone faces had to shelter him
She had to stop all the birds

Chorus: Shadows covered mountains, everything turned gray
The rain smelt in the wind and in the air
The dying one has called her name
He kept a scrap of her shirt in his hands

I failed to save your life!!!
Don't leave me alone...
Don't leave me alone!!!

Tallis - the One so far away from home
Her heart breaks and the love turns down
Through cortex of the tree in crystal tears of her eyes
And the fire cracks in the winter air under the twilight skies

Her sorrow lament sounds
Like the cry of morning birds
Banned from that winter land
From the Land of the Bird's Spirit

The fire burns in the Land of the Bird's Spirit
In the land where my love is lying dead

The storm rages in the Land of the Bird's Spirit
I will scatter ravens all around the Land
I will tend over the tender earth
In which my love is lying dead

Dead !!!
Lonely in death !!!
The circle - Lavondyss

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