Gaither Vocal Band

Hang out the banners and shout the news!
Blow the trumpets and horns
'Til there is no one who hasn't heard
"We shall not die anymore! "
I'm here to tell you that Jesus lives
As he lives, so shall we
Dying and fear have all passed away
Swallowed in victory!
Morning has broken the cords away

There's no reason to fear
Why seek the living among the dead?
Jesus, your lord, is not here
He is alive, he's not here!
Then where, o death, is your victory?
Where, o grave, is your sting?
Come, children, and dance with me!

Sing to our living king!
For love wins over everything
Melts the spear and the sword
Join hands, let your voices ring
Christ is our risen lord!
Open the prisons and ring the bells!
Join the ransomed and free
In celebration for what he's done

Jesus, the christ, sets you free!
He sets you free! He sets you free!
He sets you free! He sets you free!
Jesus, the christ, sets you free!

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