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Light Up The Dark

Gabrielle Aplin

Light Up the Dark

I don't have to mention that I saw you today
I shone the sun into your eyes
You don't always have to question
Why there's pleasure and pain
Because there's no truth for you to find
I'm drawing perfect circles around
The life that we could share
What is ours is ours to keep
I know the thing you want the most, you hide it over there
Safe at the dark end of the street

When the devil's waiting
Down by the river calling out
I want to be the one to light up the dark in you
And when the flood is over
And all the love is pouring out
I want to be the one to light up the dark in you
Light up the dark in you

There's so little I'm afraid
Of when it comes to an end
But I can't leave you on your own
Turn your chaos to a silence
And your enemy's your friend
I will roll away the stone
Light up the dark in you

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