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Old West Saloon Story

Gabriel Turner

Three Skinny masked cavaliers
invade the saloon asking for beers
on start smiling for the waitress.

Overcasting all the hall
Joey turn and sad:
So, do you have a boyfriend doll?

In that moment a man stand up
his eyes were bleeding and he pulled up his gun.
Now there was too late for any mercy.

The other one shout :
Haleluja , Amen.
Nobody will point a gun at my friend
So , you kill me first and then you've got him.

In that moment my horse made a strangely noise
and than there were three other skinny masked cowboys
laughing and making it feel anoyed.

So I briefed and put my boot over the chair
if you want to touch the waitress,
I don't fucking care
But nobody will touch my horse , anywhere.

The clime was getting tense
and someone need to put some order over there.
The sheriff was sleeping
and the streets were all covered up of sand.
Does you know anyone that can give a little help, my friend ?

The fone start ranging
and the owner sad Hello !
Fizzy Fuzzy the killer tells everybody to go.
Leave the town right now , or he'll get out of control.

Than the ladyes run away
to hers comfortable little aposent.
they don't wanna make any noise,
'Couse Fizzy Fuzzy the killer could destroyed each one of them.

And the Cheff beer's bar went out
and said to them get a little bit slower.
Couse now they had a bigger problem
what if Fizzy Fuzzy come over ?

So they start speaking for a while
and put all those guns down.
Now they were only one.
They were togheter to defend our own hometown.

And when Fizzy Fuzzy the killer
enter in the saloon
they start shooting and fighting togher
and toghether they died like a crew.

Compositor: Gabriel Turner E Mariana Gama

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