Hope Away

Gabriel Turner

As a slowly kiss
as a dangerous risk
she pays the price to to see the sunlight.

by the way she goes
wearing up that clothes
she must not live more than a flower.

oh , i'm living this house
i wanna see and get proud
of your decisons and our plans.

see the speed she gets
oh at the way she laughs
double jumping up on the steps

so are you ready to go?
are you ready to love?
my sweet floss hope

so let me hold your hand
lets try to make it all planed
couse sweet i wanna be your man.

i wrote your name in a peace of paper
an i let the wind take it away.
can't you see that you hurts me
when you keep holding things that you must say ?

Would you like to travel to the other side of the world?
don't you think that my hair is enough curled ?
if you stop closing your eyes you'll see that the sky is above.

my sweet floss hope.

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