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Right Now


If there's a party scream loud right now
Ladies please remove your bras right now
1 keg, 2 mics, and a stage
Homies say, "Ho! ". Girlies say, "Hey! "

Got some home shipped in trynin' to twist up
Get your day fucked up smokin' this stuff
Imagine Mary and music all mixed up
Well this is what our lifestyles consist of
Out in Austin gettin' Texas love
Gettin' everybody high like the breakfast club
Pretty women showin' extra love
Roll up and we burn through J's so protection up?
Uh, jungle juice go pour you a glass full
Got the whole gang here with me I'm a rascal
If you bow bob, go ahead burn a stash full
Red cups up if you toast to the assholes
Doin' shots and we straight get plastered
John Beluishi is who I've taken after
A rock show in front of pretty hoes
Word up I'm your girlfriend's favorite rapper

First off, where the butt naked strippers at?
We tryin' to party, we ain't really trying to hit the sack
Up all night 'till the sun's what we're lookin at
We do our own show and we run the set
G, bring the beat. Dj, bring it back
Comeon ya'll this ain't a rare occasion
We make hits cause other cats is lazy
Blowin hella weed while the beat keep playing
Huh, comeon tell me what you want now
We the best at it, with our own style
Low profile, but they still hate
So we look the other way fuck it we on the money chase
Gettin' poppin', doin shows in every other state
It's the robot game, we get busy
And each and every night doing shows in different cities
With bitches showin' they titties (Ow!)

Shit's bad, kinda drunk where's the soft leg?
These other losers are workers, we get boss bread
The top leaders in your speakers, the new teachers
Above the rest we sign t-shirts and nice press
Why yes, my life is so far fetched
To try this? Sit back and watch my steps
Seem hard like the '96 bulls now [?] days I got more than just pool
No average shit
Pass that shit when it's lit in my presence
Get a check get the next check spent it all I ain't check
Shit gettin crazy
Sun is up nobody left
No if, ands, or maybes
It was wale, gotta guess
[?] you gotta get
This life for nothing
Baby who you coming with? Real easy decision

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