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Never Listen To Adults


Never listen to adults
I turned up the volume on my speakers
All I spend money on is alcohal and sneakers
Hella Maryjane, I got bundles of reefer
I slept through class, never listened to my teachers
Cuz I ain't really feel what they was teachin'
Always had dreams but they said I'd never reach 'em
Skipped to the back, I ain't turn one page
Trying to tell you how to live at a young age
If you don't go to school you'll make a dumb wage
It's a fucked up system, but it's never going to change
I channel through my bars all the struggling, the pain
Cuz I know my destiny is not to die with no name
So what you got a doctorate, I built my own fame
You in denial on the side like some chicken lo-mein
I'm kicking propane when I enter the lab
And Ninja Turtle swag, no Splinter of that
I've spent on my dreams, but you've spent on a fag
Cuz it's ill shit when I put the pen to the pad
Chill son they already know this
But it took them four years just to know this
Irregaurdless I'm focused to say some ill shit
So when I die they'll quote this
And maybe then I'll get the props I deserve
I know what I'm looking for it's right around the curb
But can't seem to grab it I'm searching for the nerve
Where the road to my riches and my dreams come to merge
Where my lifestyle matches my words
And trips to the sneaker shop are always a splerge
I'm getting there young, getting to a verge
Of a breakthrough year where my success will emerge
I made it here on my own, what can you say?
My everyday life is marti gra tuesday
Dray phones on listening to Lupe
I'm knowing I should say more but I feel it's too late
Record labels want bubble gum hits
A groupie fan base filled with bubble gum chicks
But when you're upstream up the struggle comes quick
You're in a sea full of misery and trouble runs thick
I'm not the one everyone thinks I am Brady in the six
Not the number one pick
I'm no music industry experiment
This is my carreer I'm in the driver's seat steering it
And there's some pressure on my shoulder's and I'm feeling it
But some worth a sweat one five and I'm peeling it
The word won deals done now I'm sealing it
The infrastructure's blue printed now I'm out building it
From the ground up, I still got a ways a go
I fucked the game raw yo plus fillachio
Then I flipped her something like a cart wheel
I'm authentic, can't make it if you aren't real
I want to be remembered so I grind like a barrel
Cuz my songs will beat longer than my heart will

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