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Grown Up Life


I'm trying to make sure my ends meet up
But I can't do it with my two feet up
Tell me 'bout it yo
And I ain't ready for no kids and a wife
Man I ain't ready for no grown up life
Tell me 'bout it yo
I'm trying to make sure my bills get paid
But shit ain't working working minimum wage
Tell me 'bout it yo
And I ain't ready for no kids and a wife
Man I ain't ready for no grown up life
Tell me 'bout it yo

Six O'clock I'm up for work I'm still tired
But if I'm late again I'll probably get fired
Even though it gets depressin'
When you're stuck in a recession
Its a blessin' in itself to be hired
But it still sucks working here I can't lie
Broke as hell thinking about the shit I can't buy
Hoping for an opportunity to knock
But I'm always on the clock
So I'd miss it if it came by
Feel like I'm waisting my time
I should be writing a rhyme
Instead of waiting around
What am I doing?
I'm chasing a dream that I believe in
My girlfriends mama telling her to leave him
Cause he ain't worth shit unless he sign a deal
I see my window open and it's seeming kind of real
I put in all my chip before it was even time to deal
So if I don't win the hand y'all know how I'mma feel

Feel like I'm working all day and all night
And every day feel like a struggle and a fight
But I know if I was big, rocking shows playing gigs
I could live yo cause I just want to write
But its tough as a full time student
Trying to force myself to focus and just buckle down and do it
Staring at the clock all day to get through it
While it's costing me a fortune by the minute shit is stupid
I'm sitting through class writing songs on my phone
Teachers thinking I be texting but it's music on my dome
I'm always in the back row sitting all alone cause
Well honestly I work better on my own
And life's passing me by I ain't plan it
Paint the picture of my struggle most of y'all won't understand it
And having money problems isn't very grown mannish
But I know if I was big all my problems would vanish

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