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Coming Home


[Hook x2:]
Mama I'm coming home
Same damn boy you've always known
Right now I can't live forever
Some things better on the other side

They say the grass is always greener and everything is cleaner
I'm desperate for the fame and you can tell by my demeanor
I want it bad, I need her, I'm thinking I'm in love
Yo if fame was a drug I would die if I leave her
I'm feeling all depressed yo I hate this trouble
And no words could accurately paint this struggle
To heal these wounds they ain't made the ointment yet
It's tough to get by on that unemployment check
But Mom I know you do it I'm proud of you for that
I wish that I could prove whoever doubted you was whack
It's fact I always promised you that I'd never be far
But instead I'm going Hollywood trying to be a star
But see I've got dreams that I'm desperate to accomplish
But trying to find the time, bout to do it to be honest [?]
I'm trying my way up to the top and that's my promise
I know that there's a deeper meaner here but let's be honest
For now, I'm trying to come up and do my thing
And show the world you raised nothing but a young king
So for now, I'm gone, send word to my Mom
And tell her that I'm sorry for the pain that I have caused


[Bryce Vine:]
Man it's funny how your life change and the time flies
I can't erase that scar on my left eye
I work hard just to make it all worth it
Give a purpose to the words I throw on paper, you deserve it
Mama everything I do, I do for you
And every battle scar I have, if nothing else, it's proof
That I fucked up more times than I should've
More times than I would've liked, if I could take it back I still wouldn't
Cause life is a roller coaster ride
I make it if I try but I'm busying wasting time in the party scene
With the girls and the booze I am lost and confused and I hazed that leaves me somewhat confused [?]
But the music is bumping and the people want more
They scream my name like they calling to the Lord
So for now, I'm gone, send word to my Mom
And tell her that I love her and I'm right where I belong


Okay, mama I'm sorry, but I just want to party
They tell me I should study more and I reply hardly [?]
Forget about school every time I swizz Marley
Trying to find a balance but my lifestyle is gnarly
And I'm continuously tardy to classes
Cause late is the fashion it's a wonder how he passes
Still in school, trying to reach a buzz
I rock shows and kick in front of more people than my teacher does
So tell me how I'm supposed to listen to a man on the stand who only makes 40 grand
Try to educate me, let these fucking college loans rape me
I'd rather chase my dream without a clue where it'd take me
F following a system, I'm following my heart
I'd rather make music than to wallow in the dark
So for now, I'm gone, send word to my Mom
I finally found what I'm supposed to do, it's in these songs


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