[Hook x6:]
I wanna be big, I wanna be big
I wanna be big, I wanna be big

Fucking right yea I wanna be big
How the hell else I'mma ever feed kids
But shit is fucked up cause its shady in the biz
All bad you know what it is
Honestly I'm just waiting on the right deal on the table
Truthfully I've met with like 5 labels
They fly me, put me in a hotel and dine me
But they all say that it's early to sign me
Fucks that mean? Wanna wait till I'm big
When My price tag triples and I'm on my shit
Fuck y'all then if I make it on my own
Fuck I need y'all for I don't need another bone
I'mma make it on my lonely, Y'all sound phony
Cause A and R's ain't shit but fake homies
So no lie I'mma make it one day
If I had one wish I would say


See and everybody raps, but they don't act fly
Now I ain't on, and everybody ask why
I'm on the phone with the industry on standby
And I feel like I'm watching everybody pass by
Rocked with Chiddy Bang at his very first show
Year passed by, now he's booked on the road
Everybody's getting deals, I'm saying where's mine
Everybody keep asking me why I ain't signed
Did a show with Donnis out in Nyc
Read the news night labelmate with Tip
Big ups to that I'm just trying to survive
Hungry wondering when my train will arrive
Do my own production, I'm good with the words
I appeal from the hood to the Burbs
Spots right in front of me I'm trying my hardest to emerge
But there's no greater pressure than an artist on the verge


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