FT Island

The first time I came across that innocent face
I fell in love
In the evening sky there was a single, twinkling star
You were shining

You faint silhouette, a shadow I cannot embrace
A sweet scent suddenly made my heart flutter

Should I try to reach you with my voice ?
If I can’t do it with confidence,
I wonder if I should give up ?
Every time, every time
When I’m in the middle of asking myself this,
You dissolve into the night,

All of a sudden, the person most important to you
Is always by your side.

It is as if you are glowing brighter than the moon and the sun
If I can at least exchange one or two words with you, I’d be happy

If there’s a time we pass by each other,
If you stop and stand in front of me
(I’d ask) something like, how are you ?
Just meeting you would be enough
I can’t ask more more than that yet,
Not until I’ve come to like you more for a long time

Just as the sun rises,
After the sun sets,
I wanted to know more about that star,
Every time, every time.
When I found it’s name,
It was venus.

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