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Ballin' Out (Feat. Jeremih, Puff Daddy)

French Montana

Excuse My French

I got tats all on my arm
Blocks and rocks in the benz
Forgiatos and rings
Petsy blue my paint
All these girls with you
Can't find a bitch you ain't
Every day I'm balling
Like fishes in that tank

[verse 1]
Know where my hoes are
Hanging out the window when we roll up
You know what we come to
Make it rain while we getting fucked up
What you say, we do this every day
Throwing about bottles, buy a bottle case
Seem like every day my birthday
I can't help but get that cake

Feel like I was born for balling out
Move it up and just for falling out

[verse 2]
I got tattoos on my neck
Half mil on my car
Dream team my rap
Just me and my dogs
Straight cash on that haircut
See you that's no landchop
Met her at the bar
Try to use some headshots
Sixty to that maybach
Fake juice don't play that
Take off like jerry griff
Money tall like a6
Never hit that rear zone
Baby, I was air born
Hopping out that gold
Sipping red on that red bone
Jump up in the back, rocking population
And another faking jets
You know I pop that aces
I'm a ball, illuminati bankrupt
Suicide orlandos and two or ten hoes

Feel like I was born for balling out
Move it up and just for falling out

[verse 3]
I'm flying around and I'm getting it
Like ninety down my dinner
Told a bitch I just met
Write your promise down in that anthem
I'm creepin on a 'billy
Got these niggas ballin on me
About to take my la trip
And drop that bitch on wall street
Keep my watch a hand game
Like it's a lot of champagne
You're flying jets, I can but jets
And I ain't speaking about no damn plane
It's passion and plain fashion
Matching my things, catching
Action from things, making
Flashing my rings, captain
Twin vs and tires, envy my entire
Caught a lot don't have the heart
Cause real kings build empires
Everything that I said nigga
Was everything that you saw
I did everything that I claim
You ain't like us, we're reborn

Feel like I was born for balling out
Move it up and just for falling out

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