Unfinished Business

Rest in peace to Georgio Tyson
Rest in peace to Demetre Tyson
Billy Mchullun
Reon Buckly
Ahmed Abdullahi, my niggas

RIP my guy Woo (Woo)
All them steppers gonna slide for you (Slide)
I'm just sittin' down really wonderin'
how many's gonna die for you (Die)
Swear I love this life and hate this life at the same time
Just look at everything we have to sacrifice
to keep it real in this active life
'Cause life's a test
Some people live at night, some others, life's a mess
My life was a mess, so I cheated in my test
and now my life's the best
At seventeen, we bought them first burners
and gave them knives a rest
Now they say kill them with success
but ask them guys, my nine's the best
You should know just what these hoes are like (Know)
I got everything and still know I ain't the only guy
You ain't got shit and think that she ain't told you lies
You're a fuckin' fool, we all want money
some chase it, some don't even try
And got the cheek to look at me
and wonder how I'm speedin' by
All this pain I got, I need to cry (Cry)
Instead, I hold it deep inside
And only get to release the relief
when other people grieve and die
I need to try stay away from how I roll
and get some peace of mind
But them kis are mine, give me seven
and a half and I'll release a nine
If I forgot to mention, now, it's a million chillin'
in my watch collection
Never had no watch I got insured, my G is Glock protected
You wouldn't understand what I'm talkin' 'bout
'cause you're not respected
I got neglected 'til I got money, then that got reflected
I been rappin', but my realest niggas know
and they don't forget
All the times I risked it right there, ridin'
leavin' pussies all soakin' wet
With no regret (No regret)
It's how I stay with killers and robbers
and I hold respect and my froze Patek
You can't be a boss 'cause you never been a soldier yet
Them boys are hittin' gym, but broke
them boys ain't got no common sense
That back and bice', but your trap insides
that shit ain't got a pence
I'm a skinny nigga, but on my sides
I got a lot of spots that's hench
You never trap to set them tracks
your only spot was on the bench
They knew that it was trap money when I was buyin' Loubs
Five thousand on two pairs
it's like I'm in there buyin' boobs
No, I don't try the shoes
I drop the P's and leave and buy the shoes
Now I'm a size ten
but I bought more fuckin' nines than I can use
I got them kind of drugs you'll walk in
and you'll never find in boots
But if you hit my youts or hit my blocks
that's what everyone's tryna move
And by the time I drop this song
I bet we got the drop on Don
And got him gone 'cause it's not a game
we're not the ones you wanna pain
So fuck what you heard, I'll die
'fore I let a brother bump me
My life used to be another trap, another junkie
Now it's another watch, another holiday, another pumpy
Rappers diss me, but they're hidin' in other cities
and other countries
I'm on these blocks, don't be actin' silly
Two niggas just got clapped in Killy
But no one's packed, I bet my niggas spin back
like all my straps are dizzy
Them nines clap, left a pussy on his back flap like
"Nigga, that's for Billy"
Another one got cancelled too like, "Nigga, that's for Woo"
Like, nigga, that's for you
Like, nigga, that's for Woo

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