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Blood In My Eyes


Fuck college, my arts was the crime
Man changed like Optimus Prime
Said she love me now, what a surprise
But it's not that, a lot in disguise
You can't know the feeling
They don't love you, they love you for reasons
Do you love me or love that I'm freezing?
Wonder why I'm here just for the evening then I'm breezing?
God, how did You save me as well?
First faith was faith in a scale
When I prayed, was praying for bail
I knew You was somewhere but raised me in Hell
No, I don't wanna question Your love
Just watch over the rest of my thugs
Thirty-six, that's a blessing for us
Niggas die just for messing with us
Broke days, I can never forget
Why you think that we step on their neck?
They spread rumors they get off the net
That's that shit man could never respect
'Member days goin' halfs on the draw
I tried help my doggie for sure
Then he told all of 'em
And, man, they kept asking for more
It took money for me to finally see
That the best things in life are for free
I'll give all the shit I have
Just to bring all my niggas back
Yo, I'm running my Ps up for real
Real Gs that I keep in the field
But I keep on losing my loved ones to prison
Broski, I need you to chill
When I look back, when I signed for Sony, that wasn't even a deal
But they changed my life, never thought that I'd make it this far, that's keeping it real
If they say that we weren't causing hell in these streets, they hatin' and jealous of me
I ain't better than you, you ain't better than me except when we get on a beat
All them girls that I couldn't treat right
If you ask, I was young
Never tried to understand girls
And now I'm the father of one
I tried to be around, it was for her mum
Can't forgive all the harm that I've done
Why you play with my heart like it's fun
When you know you can call me and ask and it's done?
Put that shit to the side, it ain't really fair
We know how it feels when dad ain't really there
My daughter looks like me with pretty hair
Lookin' at pictures, just wishin' you're really here
My nigga told me it would blow over
It better, 'cause right now she's so older
My neck and my wrist is all froze over
But I ain't feeling this cold shoulder
Yo, free all my niggas since school
Since then, we couldn't stick to the rules
Robbin' mandem with sticks and some jewels
I was in jail stickin' pictures to walls
How you want me to spend money and time
When I only get one in this life?
My young niggas been off into crime
Won't be a nice day if my sons gonna rise

Yeah, I got blood in my eyes
I got blood in my eyes
Can't think with blood on my mind
Can't see, got blood in my eyes
Won't change on none of the guys
I got blood on my hands a couple of times
From cleaning that blood off my knife
Look at me, I got blood in my eyes

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