Freddie Mercury

There's a sudden change in me
I'm another person inside of me
Tomorrow I am going to see
The last of the blue skies above me

And I'm ready
And I'm going away
There's nothing you can do to stop me
Myself a life is at an end
I'm going to start again
Wonderful voice screaming me on now

I believe my time has come
Any moment
I'll be drifting to the sun
And I'm waiting for the tide to turn me on
To the flower that is beckoning me on

And I'm ready
I know I'm going away
Nothing you can do to stop me
Myself a license up to heaven
I'm going again
Wonderful voice leaving the earth now

Turning green
Rapidly changing to a place I've never seen
Turning green
Contaminated soul breathing fire to a boy

Turning green
Soles of my feet are expanding due to heat 'cos I
I'm losing sense of rhythm
Losing sense of rhythm
I'm completely changing to a brand new system

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