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The Fisher King Blues

Frank Turner

Tape Deck Heart

Parents don't be too kind to your kids
Or how else will they grow up to be
Louche Parisian sinners or Nashville country singers
Singing about the terrible things their parents did?
Lovers don't be sparing with the truth
Break their hearts if that's what you must do
Fill them with remorse, tinged with hope of course
And let their baser instincts pull them through

And though it seems a little strange to me
People never really change, it seems

And all across America
Waitresses and boys who play guitar
They fall in love and fall out, the boys have something to sing about
The girls go drown their sorrows at the bars
While in front rooms across the old country
Sat spellbound in front of their TVs
The younger brothers and sisters wonder at what they're missing
And wonder how the air tastes when you're really free

And though it seems a little strange to me
People never really change, it seems
We're all broken boys and girls, at heart
Come together fall apart

And in Battersea power station, the fisher king
Ponders on his ruin, among many other things
He folds his broken hands
Surveys his barren lands
And prays for hope to whisper in the wind

We were born without meaning, we will die without reason
And the world will not shrug all that much at our passing
Yes you can try and try and try
But no one ever makes it out alive

All you broken boys and girls
With your tattered flags unfurled
Fix yourselves then fix the fisher king
Won't you fix yourselves to fix the fisher king?

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