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Oh Brother

Frank Turner

Tape Deck Heart

I never had a brother, old friend you had three
You always said that if you had another one it would be me
When you come through the flames, not everything has survived
Forget about family now, we've got our old flyers
Lame tattoos
The in-jokes and memories
The misspent youth
And yeah we ran out of miles
I guess that's true
But I know I'll see you when I see you

I had a new guitar, you had a drumkit
And I knew the chords to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Long summer afternoons washed out in the haze
I'll come round to your place, your folks are away
For a while
So let's play
Till we're tired
And then hey
It's? Goodbye?
But I know I'll see you when I see you

This isn't where it ends
The world will keep on turning
We'll all make more mistakes, we'll all have time to make amends
We'll carry different loads
We'll all get different blisters
Even so you know we'll miss them when we're finally out of road

Time it will change us but don't you forget
You are the only brother I've got
I'll see you when I see you

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