Frank Turner


Frank Turner

Tape Deck Heart

The single saddest thing that I ever heard you say
Was on the day I told you I had to go away
You said? Darling baby please, if you really mean to leave
Can't I just hold you for a little while longer?

And the single hardest thing I ever had to do
Was take your arms from round me and walk away from you
And I know I shouldn't have kissed you as a I left
Darling I should have been stronger

Not with a bang but with a whimper
It wasn't hard, it was kind of simple
Three short steps from your bed to your door
Darling I can't look you in the eyes now and tell you I'm sure
If I love you anymore

I did my very best, I've given you these years
Of love and understanding, telephone calls and tears
But now the little things you do
That used to make me love you
Now just cramp my heart a little and let it slip

And we've met this sorry end from a picture perfect start
The romance and the running down to disconnected hearts
Of two people sad and free, who know they used to be
More than just a pair of sinking ships

I'm not drinking any more
But I'm then I'm not drinking any less
I can't do this anymore, oh you know I did my best
Oh my darling
I don't love you anymore

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