Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean


Part I

[verse 1]
Round the city
Round the clock
Everybody needs you
No you can't make everybody equal
Although you got beaucoup family
You don't even got nobody
Being honest with you
Breath till I evaporated
My whole body see through
Transportation, handmade
And I know it better than most people
I don't trust them anyways
You can't break the law with them
Get some pussy have a calm night
Shooters killing left and right
Working through your worst night
If I get my money right
You know I won't need you
And I tell you, (biitch)
I hope the sack is full up
I'm fuckin', no I'm fucked up
Spend it when I get that
I ain't trying to keep you
Can't keep up a conversation
Can't nobody reach you
Why your eyes well up
Did you call me from a seance
You are from a past life
Hope you're doing well bruh
I been out here head first
Always like the head first
Signal coming in and out
Hope you're doing well bruh
Everybody needs you
Everybody needs you
OOh nani nani
This feel like a quaalude
No sleep in my body
Ain't no bitch in my body
New beginnings ahh
New beginnings wake up akh
The sun's going down
Time to start your day bruh
Can't keep being laid off
Know you need the money
If you gon' survive the
Every night shit
The every day shit
Dropping baby off at home
Before my night shift
You know I can't hear none
Of that spend the night shit
Kumbaya shit
Want to see nirvana, don't want to die yeah
Wanna feel that na na though
Could you ride come by
After my shift
Know them boys wanna
See me broke down and shit
Bummed out and shit, stressed out and shit
That's every day shit
Shut the fuck up I don't
Want your conversation
Rolling marijuana that's a cheap vacation
My everyday shit, every night shit
My every day shit
Every night shit

All my life, been running from you all my life
Been waiting on you all my life
All my life, you've been missing all my life

Part ii

[verse 2]
Every night fucks every day up
Every day patches the night up
On god you should match it, it's that ko
No white lights til I fuck my 28th up
In 1998 my family had that acura, oh
The legend, kept at least
Six discs in the changer
Back when boswell and percy had it active
Couple bishops in the city building mansions
All the reverends
Preaching self made millionaire status
When we could only eat at shoneys on occasion
After trina hit I had to transfer campus
Your apartment out in houston's
Where I waited
Stayin' with you when I didn't have a address
Fuckin on you when I didn't own a mattress
Working on a way to make it outta texas
Every night

Drop the baby off at home
Before my night shift
You know I can't hear none
Of that spend the night shit, kumbaya shit
Want to see nirvana
We don't want to die yeah
Wanna feel that lovin' when you come by
Fuck with me after my shift
Know them boys wanna see me broke down
Wanna see me bummed out
Stressed out
Everyday shit
Shut the fuck up
I don't want your conversation
Rolling marijuana, that's a cheap vacation
Everyday shit, every night shit
Every day shit
Every night shit

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