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How do You Feel?


Look into the eyes of the people
You'll look int their eyes and you feel the pain
Nothing seems to be the same again

This has been the shock of a lifetime
This could be the end of all we know
I figure you're he only way to go

Didn't we achieve all we wanted
And didn't we break down all the walls
Didn't we answer all the calls

After all a morning has broken
Blackbird's singing 'cause some things never change
I'm begging you to stay within my range
I am awaiting you

How do you feel
In a world out of tune
How do you feel
From daybreak 'till noon
'Till sunset, soon
We all will turn back into normal again

Thinking 'bout the times they are changing
I'm thinking 'bout a world that lives in peace
Am I sailing all the seven seas

Someone told me hide what your thinking
Someone said it's easier said than done
Someone tells me you're the only one
I am awaiting you

Maybe we should talk about tomorrow
Maybe it will take some time I know our wounds will heal
Baby we should try to find a way to carry on
Tell me how do you feel

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