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Even Tall Trees Bend

Fra Lippo Lippi

Holy Holy Holy
Was the groundest tall of all
The light across the ocean
Shall brighter than before
Come to take your last look
Across the barren land
Come to pray for miracles
Beneath the western sky
Little pile looks to the sky
Wind size from the north
Sun deeps down on time of face
Burns in silent ties
It sails its own for rain tonight
Coz this could be the last
Come to pray the miracles
Beneath the western sky
*Even as i tried to speak
I cannot find the words i say
I only want to say to you
I only want the best for you
Coz your the one who make me see
The love was right in front of me
(And) How could i fail to recognize
The caring smile across your eyes
Hey, hello assigned your shell
Do you believe in love
Then roll away the empty stone
UP the hill once more
Wake up and face your life again
Coz even tall trees bend
No need to pray for miracles
Beneath the western sky
Repeat *

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