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Confessing My Desolation


I drifted along the sea of loneliness
The vein of isolation and despair
Entrenched in the sins of profanity
All my life I lived a humiliating lie

Obnoxiousness ruined belief
"Obligor, you're being deceived
The lords who try to conquer your mind
They're obsolete, they lead you blind"

chorus 1:
No one ever showed any consolation
As I lived a doctrine filled with hate
Now as I confess my desolation
Faith becomes an infernal debate

This cryptic dormitory cleanses my soul
As I am bestowed eternally
To the darkest legions my blood shall flow
Divided in evil dichotomies

chorus 2:
I refute my reincarnation
Obscured, I cannot perceive
As I confess my desolation
I remain unconceived

Now that I am lost and shattered
I curse my breathing world
I swear upon my unholy entity
That I shall never return

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