Forget Cassettes

Fast food will hurt me. Take vitamins to heal me.
Flush it out with water and wash me clean.

Down the drain it goes my energy and my voice
Moving through the pipes to find a new home.

I am convinced now that memories
Are made when you are alone and searching.

No more will I question the reasons why
I love something compatibility scales and Vesta.

I never venture out into the backyard
Just sit on the deck secretly and smoke cigarettes.

See the animals lying on the shoulder’s edge.
Hold my breath so not to catch the scent.

The two lanes headed north are sitting at a standstill
My shoes are off and on the floorboard.

I play to remember with your ghost right next to me.
I sing along only cause your still singing to me. Singin’ to me.

Maybe the road that we’ve taken is ending
Airborne off a cliff.

But baby, I can’t sit still so I’m getting out
Of here and heading west.

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