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Salt and Syncope

Forget Cassettes

By my bedside you broke the back
And laid out I realized that
Great a love does not a remedy lack
A pale excuse to pawn the pact
I cried afraid I’d forget them
Too many haunting days
Of what I’ve loved and lost here
I’m trying to memorize the face.

3 years ago I sought great love
A hunger artist who craved the show
But when he said “I have had enough”
I swore to not let the curtain close
So to the front row I went
With nothing but a glutton’s gift
And I tried to convince you dear:
Undo what you’ve undone!

You will never know to what depths
This back and forth fell hopeless
But in the end it’s the want you’ll see
Scaling the need, fleeing the scene.
Darling revealed a grave weapon.
Salt on the back of any slug
Could turn a bad taste on any tongue
Into some appetizing smut

When my pulse does race
Blood will drain from my face
To think of swallowing down
Anymore double-edged swords

I will never know to what depths
This tried and true pushed solace to madness
But in between is where I’m damned to be
Scaling (chasing) the need, stealing the scene.

(the great deception) s-a-l-t (the begging question)
And s-y-n-c-o-p-e

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