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Quiero, Quieres

Forget Cassettes

“I won’t be nobody’s number 2!”
That’s what I wrote in his letter, too.
How could a man just leave with no regret?
And women start looking to replacing it?

Are you feeling up for it, man?
I think the cure is in your hands.

Doctor, he said I’d always be loved!
That my arms would always be warm enough!
Now he’s gone, on I guess I’d better move-
My heart stopped, now it beats fast for you.

I am showing symptoms of sorrow again-
Tell me the truth is it serious, man?
Put me under and starve the fever! (don’t feed it)
I am fading with every wasted second!

¡Quiéreme o me muero!
¡Quiéreme o me muero!

¡Quiéreme o me muero!
¡Quiéreme o me muero!

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