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Lonely Does It

Forget Cassettes

You have a name that can’t be sung
Lonely does it
Your mouth wilts at confession
Lonely does it
So down your throat another bottle
Lonely does it
A filthy word in your stomach
Lonely does it

This story of love
A fantastic one
Easy to live without
When ripe with conviction
Oh doggie it’s abandonment now
But I’ll come back for you
With a home built for us

My fault, unconditional acts
Lonely does it
Called a coward of many sorts
Lonely does it
Unlike you, I give too much and take much more
Lonely does it
Dead weight on my shoulders
Lonely does it

But you gotta see this now
From up on my rooftop
You’re not half as big
As you think you are
But as I look over the edge
I wanna jump so badly
To get a better look
At me, being loved
Let my love spill out
A color too ugly for you
I shut my eyes tight
Stretch my arms out wide
The intention was never
To watch my hair grow long
But it’s not all for naught, no
It’s not all for naught.

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