For King & Country

Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.

You're my true north when I'm headed south
My constant solid ground
You are my lantern in the night
When I'm twisted up and shaken
You're the one I put my faith in
Yeah, you're the reason I survive

You keep me steady when the sky is falling
And I'll keep steady after you
I'll carry on when my strength is failing
Take heart 'cause you're with me
So let the sun stop, stars drop, whatever comes
I'll be ready, you keep me steady
You keep me steady

You're a river, you cover me
When the bombs fall, you're the cavalry
Somehow you're always standing right by my side
So no matter what I will be facing
I will not be over-taken
And you are the only reason why

You're my hiding place, my home
And fear cannot invade these four walls
I need you near, I need you here
You keep me steady
You keep me steady

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