Foo Fighters

Doll (Cifrada)

Foo Fighters

The Colour and The Shape

(Normal Tuning) Intro/Verse G Am B Bb Am D G e||----3----0----2----1----0-----2---3----|| B||----3----1----3----2----1-----3---3----|| G||----0----2----4----3----2-----2---0----|| D||----0----2----4----3----2-----0---0----|| A||----2----0----2----1----0---------2----|| E||----3-----------------------------3----|| Outro F E Am D G G e||----1----0-----0-----2----------------3-------3----|| B||----1----0-----1-----3--------------3---------3----|| G||----2----1-----2-----2-------------0----------0----|| D||----3----2-----2-----0-----------0------------0----|| A||----3----2-----0----------------2-------------2----|| E||----1----0--------------------3---------------3----|| oh oh oh oh doll... ...there Lyrics & Tempo You know in all of the time that we shared G Am I've never been so scared B Bb Doll me up in my bad luck Am D I'll meet you there G I wish I never had taken this dare G Am I wasn't quite prepared B Bb Doll me up in my bad luck Am D Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh F E Doll me up in my bad luck Am D I'll meet you there... G

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