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You Know (Feat. Raekwon & Allan Kingdom)



Sometimes it feels like
The world spin opposite of the way you spin
Sometimes you just gotta create your own
A world

[Hook: Allan Kingdom]
I been on a mission, man
I been on a mission lately
Some sticky situations I just grinder down to make it
I've never been to prison, man
Still don't know what it is to break free, no, no
Now I live my vision plan, no need to hallucinate
The nigga be slipping, man
I think they gon' make me angry
If they would've listened I could'a kept my cool today
Evil got me tripping, man
I don't think that you can say, no, no
You're in my position, man
you just couldn't hit the brakes

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
I can't believe it
Word on the street's one of my soldiers
talking to them alphabet boys
My first reaction is to find out who, where and why
Put the word out and bring 'em to me now
but keep 'em alive
Put some bread on his head and make sure he'll rot
Cause this is something I ain't tolerating
Plus I'm getting impatient
I'm fainting o' breaking for real, but I'm salivating
My phone rung it's at the seven o'clock sharp
They said they had 'em in one o' my warehouses
by the dock
Jumped in the Benz with a ill look, no grin
With a still hook, I'ma 'bout to do this coward in
When I got there Dd was already tied up
Pillow case on his head and the blood stains dried up
The moment I been waiting for is finally here
I get to see who done betrayed me
Snatched the pillow case off this wigger
Hold him here and now he's tryna' face me
Who I see, my little niece boyfriend I seen
He begging me not to kill him
I told 'em I got him
As I poured the gasoline, I thought about my little niece
I know she love him, but he a snail
He tryna push love in jail
Take me from my wife and kids
Why should I spare this maggot life and limb
Man, it is what it is
He chose to play this game
I lit the match and watched his frame go up in flames

[Refrain: Allan Kingdom]
Get emotion
We in motion
Make commotion
I can feel
How we roll on
Keep it going
Let it go out
Take the wheel
Saw up in your eyes
I'm amazed, I know
Saw up in your eyes
To the things I know
We rode it for life
Put the game on me
If we don't get it right
Put the blame on me

[Verse 2: Allan Kingdom]
Guess again
Thought that you could pull the word over a veteran
I would pull the trigger
but I'm thinking that it's better I, better I
Burn you like a cinder, let me share the light
share the light
Pour it in my tank
Now it's absorbing in your skin
Man, this fool is dimmer
and I wish she had a better mind, better mind
Where you talking now you were regretting mind
get it right
I been cutting loose ends
Why your lips so loose talking
I could fuck with new friends too
Gotta get it with my new
I could be a nuisance
But not if you use caution
It's time we write some new commandments

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