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Thy Kingdom Gone

Flowing Tears

Pandemonium for the pain that's yet to come
Fear will lead you to the outside of the storm
Sanctimonium for the flood is yet to come
Pain will guard you when the waters overrun

Black horizon, for the night will bring new rain
Pale disorder for the souls impure and sane
In the order of annihilation's game
Greed will lead you and unhallowed be thy name

Dance to the beat of a broken heart
Paint with the colours of a dying art
Sing to the tunes of a fallen song
Thy kingdom gone

Master and slave to the sun upon
Crawl on your knees when the fallout comes
Shine in the light of a fading sun
Thy kingdom gone

Inside us all
For the end comes closer

You walked the path of light for all these years
So paralyzed your god beneath your fears

Come sail the seas on a sinking boat
Dive to the ground in perdition mode
Thine is the earth and the loss my son
Thy kingdom gone

Trust in the speech of a twisted tongue
Pay for a life that you don't belong
All that remains in the end is none
Thy kingdom gone

(Créditos: hissingdisgrace e Pedroamos/ myspace)

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