Flowing Tears

Fear for the morning of a life in dream parade
Tears fall tomorrow, in autumn sun brigade
Fear, pain and the ever falling rain
Pray for the dawn when the colours start to fade
Swear by your god when all life is down the drain

Still... yearn for the everlasting flame
Turn to me, bless the sun, all of this is sane
Turn from me, start to run, none of this is save
Live for the promise all fortune come today
Graceful we wander through a life in grey

Remember when the orchids dream
Try to save the blood that's falling from you
Will you be there in war and grief?
And try to speak the word of god?

Swear no remorse for the ones who lost their fate
Symbols of horror in handsome masquerade
Still, no mortal soul to resignate
Wake from the come you've chosen to create
Pay for your solace... and a life in vain

Still, call my name, drown your heart, the orchid sky is dead
Take my blame, fall apart in tides of no regret
Kill the pain, hide your scars
The orchids die now

(Créditos: hissingdisgrace e pedroamos/ myspace)

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