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Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers

Flowing Tears

Black crowes surround my body
In a bloody occident
Fans surround my spirit
And veils surround the body of my bride
The snow lies cold and the frozen river
Is flowing to the valley of tears?

On the bank the bleeding trees
Their blood is spilling away
And a tear is pouring in the stream
Withered flowers covering my bride
My spirit is fallin? ill
And our love is runnin? over flint fields?

The snow whips depression upon the land
Black crowes are gathering
Our rhapsody is playin? the final song
And the requiem of thy life is coming to an end

I'm standing by thy grave, the coffin is lyin?
Over the tomb? flowing tears fulfill me?
You ? the rose of my life ? you'll fade to black
In a long and cold dark winternight?

-flowing tears and withered flowers?

The coffin is suspended to the tomb
And the tears are pouring on the withered flowers
I'm falling to the ground, my tears are droppin?
Melting the snow? I'll fall in the cold and our flames
Are extinguished as we die? as we fade away

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