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Flowers In The Rain

Flowing Tears

I feel her last embrace on me
The final autumn sun
Drownin? in a sea of golden spawns

Once away but oh so near
Gathered gloomy clouds
Passin? in the sky as golden swans

The morning dew, the fallen leaves
The shorter growin? days
All I've seen, but never from this side

All my dreams that seemed so real
All they passed on by
Sunken in the last october light?

And so I lost it ? again but forever new
The worlds keeps turning - so do I but without you
And I keep dreamin? ? as I did since my dreams began
The swans are passing and the joy ? in the drownin ? sun

The lights of spring, the gloom of fall

All it has been real
All it's left this mourning deep inside

And once again the leaves will dwell
The swans then will return
But will I ever see the present light?

And so I lost it?

Long lost and forgotten you are
Covered by the fallen leaves
The only shelter they bring
To forget? what I'll never reach

And so I lost it?

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