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Fallen Leaves

Flowing Tears

Arrived at the gate of helplessness
Standing in this bloody earth in hopeless veils
I cry in the winds, and rememberance will dwell
As still the wounds are deep?
Abandoned and left alone, cursed and acrificed
Driven away by her pride I'll wait
Beyond the doors? for a light beyond the doors
In a frozen, yet lonely time?

Your beauty ? and my need
Your looks ? and my silence
Your image ? and my fear
Your looks, for one last time
Your image for one last time
Feeling your kisses on my silent cheeks ? just one time
Touching your blossoms just one time
Costing your stream just one time? talkin? to you?

The storm of the seasons? destructing me
And my leaves fall to the ground
And I revel in my wounds as I feed
My blood mother earth? I'll fall to my knees

In the shadows I'll remain unseen
My misery to mother earth? and in loneliness
I'll die? insignificant and unconscious in this winter
In a world only I live in?
-where life's no more worth to live?

At the gates I cry for you
So I remain unseen in the shadows? in fear?
The ivy will grow one with my body
It chains me to your bonds? the ivy of fear?
-I hate? disgust? mankind? and I love?

And I'll wait at the gate ? as the leaves will fall
To see the light ? as the leaves will fall
That we dance in the gardens of heaven ? as the leaves?
Over the mountain, and along the river ? as the leaves?
Another world without harm ? as the leaves?

Fallen leaves

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