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Yayo (Feat. Brisco, Billy Blue, Ball Greezy, Rick Ross, Red Eyezz, Bred, Pitbull, Ace Hood)

Flo Rida

Hey, I coulda been born any place in the world when I turned a day old
But a brother gotta pass to the block that's known for more than legos
Not a guap on the pay-roll
But I got got got that play doh
For the hot hot girls on the table
See their lock locks wrapped in halos
Good good money, hood money, thats where you could money, gotta M. I. Yayo
Full of green but its not for the bagel
everything that I want to be labeled
On the first 48 watch cable
where they ride 28's unstable
You don't want this up yo' nasal
You ain't never been street, that's fatal
My city where I be, can't change it, See them walk, see them talk that language. Hard denim louis belt still hanging, wear a flag but I but I ain't bangin. 305 the way I ride, the way I vibe I love it everyday outside and I can't lie the sunny skies the hunnies right, the money's right
I came from the bottom of the beaca, and got hard as I got older, they say I started with some sand then I shook it to a boulder and thats how I handle business. im just tryna reach my quota. When I come up on my stunnin do exactly what I told ya. All I know is dough and yayo I receive it by the freight loads, the coast guards cool I just break em off some c-notes and my Haitian friends told me its gone be a nice summer, time to tally up the books and calculate the numbas, Dade county the M. I. Yayo them goons on my line and they dont move until I say so. And I wouldnt be shit without this coke and this weed and this crack and these pills and these 305 streets Brisco

Yaayo (x6)

(Billy Blue)
Hello to yayo who made me rich who made my baby mama my first crazy bitch. She have them latest keys (?) birth on the block, whippin the work, servin them rocks. I give them what they love just give me what I need, Them hoes a love me if my donk got them 23's. Them niggas hatin now, cuz I be making paper, now Im paranoid, lord I need a favor. Im ridin strapped up niggas hate to see you straight. wanna have me on that stretcher on that first 48. Shiit I ain't built for them white sheets, face on the black tee hell naw that aint me Nigga!

(Ball greezy?)
I'm from the city where zoes sell creole out they house. Where niggas hustle just to put a grill in they mouth. What you know bout konch fritters and mango salad. Home of the donks, yayo, Ak's and banshees. This is the city where everybody and they mama hard. Some star (?) selling hons (?) right from out her front yard. This is the city to visit if you a club junky. home of the bad bitches and they all love money. gotta respect the ones who do it just to feed the kids. But on the other hand shaking to get her titties did. If you aint see it you done heard it just to let you know how shit really go in the M. I


(Rick Ross)
Born as a balla I
Couldnt be a talla Guy
Meaning that my money long
Be at home up in the sky
Feeling like I run the world
Me and my persona Fly
Mo money mo problems right
In alot of drama now
Shawty went to turner tech
Im out of cooley High
D-boy yes D-boy cause of my 9
Bumpin a criminal (?)
She catching feelings now
I see the difference make here switch when bout to pull it out. I ride for one thing, Nigga the 305. I die for nothing and got my tooly now
So we can shoot it out cause Im walking smoothly I
I got a stunt man that a make a movie Now

(Red Eyezz)
10, 000 grams of that good I could get that package for you. Now turn 1 into 2 I'll do that magic for you, heres another classic for you Eyezz and Flo-Ride. My stick on the table counting the profit from the whole pie. Team with my own 9's. Chedda we ran through. Spook to ever rap on these shells that how they jam fool. I fly to Haiti in person, and then we meet up touch on several topics from work to doing clean up. It's dirty out here in the south. but that's nothin new besides I got goons in the hood that need something to do. I feed niggas who squeeze niggas and these niggas the definition of G's nigga. Talk to em


Welcome to my city M. I. A. Palm trees and quarter keys. Anything you want well you can get just place that order please. We so got thing disorderly but we got so much more to see. But that's just the crib that's where I live and thats why It mean much more to me. Cause I remember having nothin scraping up a dolla something. Straight to the gas tank jump in that fast lane crank that music all us bumping. All us on the way to the top. been through the hurt now thanks for the flop. Pretty little skirts White cane In the drop
And this here grind hard ain't finna stop. Cause I'm going at it, thats just a habit, this for the crib dawg want it bag nab it (?) Thats what it is, you want it have at it. thats how I live I want it I grab it. No time for faking no hesitation, bitch talking shit, gone head and break em bitch flap her lip, gone get some straight M. I. Yayo presentation

Dough is the new platinum and platinum's the new diamond, its been a steep climb but bitch I kept on climbing. Pit done grown up da crib down blown up. dem birds done flown out and them boys done sold out. Miami I was born Miami im gone die Miami I live it I am 305 Miami made me to Miami I gave back if it wasn't for this rap I'd be asking where the safe at. barack is the new hope and meth is the new coke. I'm laughin to the bank but bitch im no joke. The women that I fucked you cup the nuts for (?) . Welcome to the cocaine capital M. I. Yayo


(Ace Hood)

See I been praised from the bottom up. Got it from the bottom up. long nights a 5th of hen I'm sippin in my coffee cup. Tryna hustle money blunt, to lift my mother spirits up. Light bill was due a month ago I hustle 10 to 4. Hop up in that tire hoe (?) Trunk full of work and blow. 17 thats all I know. With triple beam to weight it all. Gutta til my casket close. Now we at the top of throne, soon to be a millionaire with 50 carat diamond stones. Member when they used to doubt us now we buying gated homes. 57 dipped in chrome, rims being shipped from rome, feeling like im diddy combs A million what Im sittin on. Residential change but its still the same area code. Gutta


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