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    [Intro: Brisco]
    "Can I have your attention, "
    I'd like to welcome all y'all tonight
    Even as y'all ladies to the left beggin for drinks
    Can we please get up on 'em
    This is for all my balla calla's from all over the world
    When we see a hata tryin to hard to get on our level
    We just keep laughin at 'em
    I don't get mad

    [Chorus: Flo Rida]
    I, just, laugh at them hata's when we out here front and
    No they ain't got it but they wanna be startin
    D J for the record stop, "ha haha ha ha, we got it, "
    Laugh at them hata's when we out here front and
    No they ain't got it but they wanna be startin
    D J for the record stop, "ha haha ha ha, we got it, "

    [Verse 1:]
    We laughin at these hata's cause they funny
    See they provide the motivation for me, to keep gettin money
    So I duz theat and giggle in they face
    All they see is my business cause I have nothin else to say
    Any way we in the club yeaahh!
    It's time to party
    This girl fine but hell but damn she bald head like Steve Harvey
    Poe Boy Flo Rida back me up
    All these other rappers they do nothin but crack me up
    They's a parakeear's, they'll steal your rounds
    Call me up to yo shows hide from you, be stealin yo shine
    Ha... you must be out yo rabbit-ass, crabbid-ass, mind


    [Verse 2: Flo Rida]
    L-l-let your one stack shawty I can throw two, Ha
    Made back in them balla 62, Ha
    Get yo group hommie dats what I do, Ha
    Paper tag money everything brand new, Ha
    Laugh it up, Ha, smile with it, Ha
    Ghetto supastar, I don't see you boys, ha
    You know da shones where are dey when I come through
    I grown man swagga I ain't scarred ta spend dat loot, Ha
    Paper plane, ball it up let it fly, Ha
    "Holl up, holl up, you ball up a hundred dolla bill, and throw it, "
    Paper plane, ball it up let it fly, Ha
    We Poe Boys high


    [Verse 3: 4mill]
    I'll be at the strip
    Blood drippen
    Still leave with them change
    When my niggas here looks
    They ain't lookin for change
    When I pull up in that four door caddy
    Don't be mad when yo bitch tend to call me daddy
    We be tippen to da club screamin ain't no one
    Holl up, holl up, calm down, we throwin hundreds tonight Babaay!
    That two door phantom gotta whole lotta walkin
    Silly bitch wanna cut, she gotta whole lotta walkin
    4 mill 'n' you can call me Mr. Hothead
    Dice in the sealo when I toss it from my right hand
    Niggas holla twenty things for a whole lotta keh... keh keh keh


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