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    Young Chante Andrea Jones
    Never met her father and momma's never home
    Plus she's 15 and she lies about her age
    She always on the phone or her myspace page
    She likes to socialize cause it makes her feel loved
    Mom doesn't have time for something simple as a hug
    Drugs got her mom strung out
    All on the streets
    Suicide attempts as tears drip down her cheeks
    This is deep
    She's so young, with so much pain
    There's so many things Chante wishes she could change
    So what she does is spends hours of the day
    Meeting new friends in her own little place
    Yesterday she counted and had 300 friends
    Most of them young, but yet some were older men
    But it's okay, Chante says that it's safe
    Her own little place to get away
    Her myspace

    [Chorus: 1]
    Just wanna know that I am loved and that I am really beautiful
    Everything around me tells me to be more than me
    I just want to get away
    Just wanna know that where I stand someone will accept me for who I am
    Just understand maybe I can find a place
    Where it's okay

    Chante's profile is not marked private
    Just by her pics you can see why the guys click
    Yea, she's cute and she's not trying to hide it
    It's best for me to not even try to describe it
    Plus she's young, but you can't tell by how she's dressed
    The messages she gets seems to express
    Or at least suggest that he's interested in meeting
    So she accepts, thinks he's cute, now she's cheesin'
    Every click she mistakes it for love
    Her daddy is gone plus she's too young for the clubs
    Her about me section seems to suggest
    That's she's sexual or open to sex
    As time progress they make plans for a date
    Chante lied to this guy 'bout her age
    But it's okay
    Chante says that it's safe
    Her own little place to get away
    Her myspace


    Young Chante Andrea Jones
    Never met her father and momma's always gone
    Feeling all along invited him to her home
    She's feeling it's wrong
    But she figures her feelings wrong
    All arrows point to the fact that it's love
    Is what she thinks before she offers him a hug
    A couple of chats man this cat's still a stranger
    But young Chante can't foresee the danger
    But she didn't know she was messing with an adult
    She messaged a cat wanted for sexual assault
    A sexual predator who preys on the young in age
    Like Chante who was fearfully and wonderfully made
    She ain't know Jesus Christ gives forgiveness and grace
    Searching for love only ended up getting raped
    Her life was shattered
    If only she'd played it safe
    And found love in His amazing grace

    [Chorus 2:]
    Just wanted you to know that I love you and that you're really beautiful
    Everything around you doesn't change me my loves the key
    I'll wipe your tears away
    Just wanted you to know that where you stand you can accept me for who I am
    Just understand know that I can be a place where
    It's okay

    He loves you, yes
    He loves you, yes
    Jesus He loves you
    And it's okay

    He loves you, yes
    He loves you, yes
    And it's okay
    And it's okay

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