Selfish Me


A question whispered
an indecision bathed in a bitter ignorance
How much selfish am I?

Hush, it's a secret!
Promise that you'll keep it
Pretend that you've been 'fixed' and 'cured'
Hold your tears 'til the night

I'm a lake with many entries but with no exit
So, let me live this blight

I don't plan to shrivel
to change my evil
or not even my egocentricity
Did I decided right?

I shout aloud to my inner demons
Only to realize they're stronger than me
I can't do anything, I've been beaten
This invisible ghost, who resides inside me
has completely eaten me up

Thinking about my aches
worrying about my self only
Omitting others
who are deeper in the quicksand
Ignoring the problems of today's world

I'm running around in circles
Please, put me back into my place
I'm spinning wildly high!

Composição: Jezer Ferris, Danilo RedBill

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