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One Thousand Tears


In My Hell

I can't breathe out, I can't breathe in
this rage is totally out of control
And it seems that it is making me weak
Frustration and anger
are burning my soul

I wonder if you'll be fine
And now I'm left wondering where I stand
Why are you keeping out of line?
It seems it's all got out of hand

What if I told you
I am really not who you think I am?
What if I told you
I have a wicked twisted unrighteous brain?
What if I told you
I am the opposite of all the things
I just said?
What if I told you
I am a hero who needs to be saved?

loneliness bites my soul
With such fierceness I can't control

You came with one thousand tears
No words were
enough to stop this
Suffering the pain of a thousand spears
Lifting the mask of
all your worst fears

Composição: Danilo Redbill, Jezer Ferris

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