My Exile


In My Hell

In the dimly lit room she slept in peace
I held her hands, hearing her breathe
Life is hard, do what you've got to do
That's my last night
What will happen to you?

My memory slips to other days
I already feel that I'm far gone
Time flies. My illness have to wait
Will I live to see another dawn?

It doesn't matter how hard I try
Even though I will be dying inside
I tried to tell you I'm fine
but that's a lie
I'm a lonely soul
in a lonely night

And the time, to make me grieve
Steals my hope and locks my door
And shakes this fragile frame at eve
I cannot have faith anymore!

I'm out of me, inside my pain
outside my dome
How can I make you smile?
If our world is falling down!
I am in the border line of my exile

Compositor: Danilo Redbill, Jezer Ferris

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