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I'Ve Lost My Way


I've been working all day long
in the suffering of my soul
I'm waking up to this whole brain-game
keeping my mind under control

They say they will stone me
when I lie down in my grave
My fear remains, but it can't compare
to the listless eyes of a slave

A sad scary mouth
is drawn upon my face
Why is my life being slaughtered
in this unfair bloody disgrace?

Who am I? Am I safe?
the mirror can no longer answer
I'm lost in the brutality of these days
good bye, I'll root out the cancer!

You're judging my disgrace!
I'm back to square one
Just look now, slap my face
I don't know what to do
and what to leave undone

My disgrace, you're judging!
I'm still in square one
Slap in my face, I'm just looking
what to do and what to leave undone

And now
that I've completely lost my faith
I avoid myself
I can not seem to make myself whole
and now I realize that I had lost my way

And now, there's nothing more to say
Living in this twist of fate
I can't be trusted anymore
and now I realize that I had lost my way

Composição: Redbill, Jezer Ferris

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